Your town has recently been beset by a series of sheep-disappearances. The villagers have started to get suspicious about what might be causing these. Some even think there's a werewolf about.

There is. You are that werewolf. Every night you transform, and the populace won't treat you nice. You need to keep yourself fed and healthy long enough to survive their suspicion.

Features 4 different endings.

Controls: Arrow Keys or WASD to move, Mouse to interact.

M to mute the music. (This only works if you have pressed start already, sorry!)

I've been informed that this runs very slowly in Firefox, and yes in my testing that seems to be the case. From my experience with this engine, I would recommend using Chrome for the time being. I should have (at least attempted) a port to help the efficiency problems in Firefox within a few days. Thank you to Empyrealhell for pointing this out to me!

(all times for updates CST)

Update 1: 8/23 9:06 PM Game no longer crashes on bullets firing.

Update 2: 8/23 10:16 PM Trying to speak to gravestones no longer crashes the game.

Update 3: 8/23 10:47 PM Trying to speak to someone after failing to kill more than 25% of the town in one night (but killing somebody) no longer causes a crash.

Update 4: 8/24 3:45 AM Efficiency improvements to help out Firefox users. Not significant enough for a good experience, but significantly better.

Made with Crafty.js

Made (Pre-crash fixes) in 48 Hours for the Ludum Dare 33 Compo

Ludum Dare link:


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